Second Medical Opinion

For complete peace of mind and to reduce the risk of a medical mistake, when diagnosed with a critical illness or as needing surgery, before coming to a final decison as to the way forward - get a second medical opinion.


MyHealthPortal gives you access to experts in some of the best hospitals in the world for a second medical opinion.

  • A first opinion is required
  • Applicable for all medical fields
  • Independent review of the case
  • Consultation from world leading experts
  • 24/7 support of UK medical team
  • Face to face consultation with UK doctor
  • Prompt service with personal attention
  • Multidisciplinary review is available
  • No fees for MyHealthPortal members

Make an informed decision. Get a second opinion

How does it work?

  • After you've been given a first opinion from a consultant, apply online or by phone.
  • The MyHealthPortal UK medical team shall review your case and guide you on how to obtain your medical file.
  • The information shall be sent to the MyHealthPortal medical team – the files and images can be uploaded to the MyHealthPortal website
  • If necessary you can ask for a face to face meeting with the MyHealthPortal medical director based in London
  • The MyHealthPortal team shall summarise your case and transmit it to the specialist.
  • A written second opinion shall be provided as soon as possible
  • You will be offered a meeting with the MyHealthPortal medical director to have all your questions (if any) answered.


The medical opinion shall include:

  • Complete review of your case
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Radiology reading
  • Clinical advice about treatment, surgery & medication
  • Multidisciplinary review is available

Your case shall be reviewed by:

  • The MyHealthPortal medical team shall coordinate the process.
  • A global team of experts shall prepare your case for the second opinion.
  • A team of world renowned experts shall provide the second medical opinion.

When to use the service

It is advisable to apply for a second opinion in the following cases:

  • When the diagnosis is NOT clear
  • When you are NOT sure about the clinical alternatives
  • When diagnosed with cancer
  • Before major surgery
  • Just for peace of mind to avoid a medical mistake
  • When a multidisciplinary review is required
  • When diagnosed with a rare health condition

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